[U3-Web] Dragon Ball Super The Movie: Broly (2018) [AMZN WEB-DL 1080p HEVC E-AC-3(DDP5.1)] [English-Subs] [Japanese Audio] - 映画「ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー」

2019-02-12 10:26 UTC
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Dragon Ball Super the Movie: Broly / 映画「ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー」 (2018) http://www.dbmovie-20th.com/ | https://www.funimationfilms.com/movie/dragonballsuper/ **https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NLGB8KX/** **HD version : £11.99** **thanks [email protected] bought the video** **Video:** HEVC(H.265) 1080p (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Audio1:** Japanese E-AC-3 5.1ch 640 Kbps (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Audio2:** Japanese E-AC-3 2.0ch 224 Kbps (**WEB-DL**[untouched]) **Subtitles:** **English** [SubRip] *** **Join our Discord!** **https://discord.gg/fr3AEQA** **Telegram:** **https://t.me/U3_Project_BDPlan_Release** *** Comment: ![dbsmovie_res.png](https://i.loli.net/2019/02/13/5c6379ef50dc9.png) **untouched WEB-DL from Amazon UK Video** **Enjoy ~** *** ![alt text](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81pnjlU3gUL.jpg "Dragon Ball Super the Movie: Broly(2018)")

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@U3-Web This was HEVC h265 from the source? Hard to believe...
Excellent. Not supporting FUNimation after what they did to Vic Mignogna without evidence.
Darn. Everyone is stuck at 30%. Come back uploader! There's nobody to seed the full movie.
seeding is shit
C'mon poeple ... both will be seeded let's enjoy it .
@kekomini 16.04

U3-Web (uploader)

>This was HEVC h265 from the source? Hard to believe… @ShinMugetsu2000 yup , it's untouched WEB-DL source from Amazon Video other AMZN/NF HEVC WEB-DLs https://nyaa.proxyfix.com/user/U3-Web?f=0&c=0_0&q=hevc
the song ending is no japanese T-T
>Excellent. Not supporting FUNimation after what they did to Vic Mignogna without evidence. you dense motherfucker
>Not supporting FUNimation after what they did to Vic Mignogna without evidence. honestly if my job were compromised by a lot of shit that gets thrown at me that has *anything to do with what i did in the past at all* (regardless if i'm accused of anything else or not) i'd much rather walk away from that job than risk being fired over all these allegations
After Funimation's official statement, Vic Mignogna no longer has a job. Any studio affiliated with Vic is cutting ties with him. Dunno what he's gonna do now.
@ enigmoZzz Oh, Enigmo's back. lol @ AnonBaiter Those were claims which weren't even verified as being true; genuine. Plenty say he's this and that but.. no proof whatsoever. I read Vic has lawyered up and he needs seeing Twitter, Facebook, ANN and etc are all trying to throw him under the bus. @ John_Rhogan78 Vic Mignona was a comedic actor before he became a voice actor so after all this shit gets resolved legally in a court of law, hope he can stay strong in whatever he'll do next. Maybe he'll even write a book about how insane people can be without showing a shred of evidence. Anyone can claim anyone of anything but then, do they have evidence to back their claim that it's actually genuine? No. Posts on Twitter don't count.
Vic has been a creepy piece of shit for 20-odd years. Fuck him. That said, why does this drama need to be on here, too? Just download the movie and move along. Btw, thanks for the movie!
@UnifiedDivide, Because we know FUNi is going to re-dub Broly for bullshit reasons so collectors will want the original.
@NikoLiberty Unless you've seen some news about it that I haven't (feel free to link, I guess), they're not going to redub at this point.