Dragon Ball Kai Recut - Episodes 001 to 047: Saiyan through Freeza arcs [DUAL AUDIO]

2019-02-12 09:56 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/V0PaNc9.png "Dragon Ball Kai Recut") A complete re-edit of *Dragon Ball Kai*, itself a re-edit of *Dragon Ball Z*, this recut aims to remove as much of the remaining filler as possible that is still present in *Kai* in order to follow the original *Dragon Ball* manga as closely as possible. Companion piece to [Dragon Ball Recut](https://nyaa.proxyfix.com/view/832044). Episode lengths vary due to the nature of the editing process. See [here](http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=34866&p=1579586#p1579586) for more info about this edit. **Video: 1080p** **Audio: English, Japanese** **Score: Kenji Yamamoto** **Subtitles: English** **Total Amount of Footage Cut:** * Not including the OP, ED, NEP, and Recaps for episodes that were combined into one, the original Kai run-time for these episodes (01 to 54) is 20 hours, 19 minutes and 21 seconds. * My recut of these episodes clocks in at 18 hours, 21 minutes and 09 seconds total. * That leaves us with a grand total of **1 hour, 58 minutes and 12 seconds** worth of actual show footage cut from these episodes, all of which was filler in one way or another.

File list

  • Dragon Ball Kai Recut E001-E047
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E001.Prologue.to.Battle--The.Return.of.Goku.mkv (850.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E002.A.Life.or.Death.Battle--Goku.and.Piccolo's.Desperate.Attack.mkv (549.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E003.Run.in.the.Afterlife.Goku--The.One.Million.Mile.Snake.Way.mkv (492.4 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E004.Wilderness.Survival--A.Moonlit.Night.Awakens.Gohan.mkv (502.4 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E005.The.End.of.Snake.Way--King.Kai's.Bizarre.Test.mkv (500.0 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E006.The.Battle.with.Ten-Times.Gravity--Goku's.Race.Against.the.Clock.mkv (402.0 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E007.Shenron.Appears--The.Saiyans.Arrive.Sooner.than.Expected.mkv (487.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E008.Yamcha's.Struggle--The.Terrible.Saibamen.mkv (516.3 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E009.Sit.Tight.Chiaotzu--Tien's.Screaming.Tri-Beam.mkv (530.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E010.Will.Goku.Make.it.in.Time--Three.Hours.Until.the.Battle.Resumes.mkv (891.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E011.The.Power.of.the.Kaio-Ken--Goku.vs.Vegeta.mkv (512.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E012.An.All-Out.Kamehame-Ha--Vegeta's.Terrible.Transformation.mkv (559.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E013.Goku.on.the.Ropes--Pin.Your.Hopes.on.the.Spirit.Bomb.mkv (553.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E014.Defeat.the.Invincible.Vegeta--Work.a.Miracle,Gohan.mkv (559.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E015.Dawn.of.a.Fierce.Battle--The.Star.of.Hope.Is.Piccolo's.Homeland.mkv (550.4 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E016.The.Ship.Resting.in.Yunzabit--Time.to.Blast.Off.for.Planet.Namek.mkv (555.1 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E017.A.Powerful.New.Foe--Freeza,Ruler.of.the.Universe.mkv (529.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E018.The.Rebellion.Against.Freeza--Vegeta's.Burning.Ambition.mkv (555.3 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E019.Protect.the.Dragon.Balls--The.Namekians'.All-Out.Attack.mkv (556.6 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E020.Dodoria's.Terrifying.Chase--A.Truth.Revealed.to.Vegeta.mkv (530.1 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E021.Vegeta's.Covert.Maneuvers--A.Tragic.Assault.on.the.Namekians.mkv (554.3 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E022.Friends.Reborn--Zarbon's.Hideous.Transformation.mkv (556.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E023.Power.Up,Krillin--Freeza's.Mounting.Apprehension.mkv (542.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E024.The.Scheme.is.Shattered--Vegeta.Strikes.Back.at.Zarbon.mkv (533.3 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E025.A.Touch-and-Go.Situation--Gohan,Protect.the.Four.Star.Ball.mkv (512.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E026.The.Countdown.to.Battle.Begins--Enter,the.Ginyu.Force.mkv (523.4 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E027.First.Up.for.the.Ginyu.Force--Guldo's.Time.Freeze.mkv (555.6 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E028.The.Nightmare.Recoome--Come.Out.and.Play,Vegeta.mkv (545.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E029.Goku.Arrives.at.Last--Take.Down.the.Ginyu.Force.mkv (523.0 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E030.The.Star.Player.Appears--Ginyu.vs.Goku.mkv (505.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E031.Full.Power,Goku--Captain.Ginyu's.Desperate.Attack.mkv (473.3 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E032.Surprise--Goku.is.Ginyu.and.Ginyu.is.Goku.mkv (536.8 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E033.Goku's.Comeback--Call.Forth.Porunga.mkv (553.4 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E034.Freeza.Closes.in--Mighty.Porunga,Grant.Our.Wish.mkv (551.4 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E035.A.Nightmare.Transformation--Freeza's.Power.Level--One-Million.mkv (512.7 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E036.Freeza.Bares.His.Fangs--Gohan's.Overwhelming.Attack.mkv (511.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E037.Piccolo.Reborn--Freeza's.Second.Transformation.mkv (421.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E038.Freeza's.Final.Transformation--The.Ultimate.Nightmare.Begins.mkv (542.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E039.The.Moment.of.Truth.Approaches--Goku.Back.in.Action.mkv (770.2 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E040.Goku.vs.Freeza--The.Super.Showdown.Begins.mkv (670.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E041.Kaio-Ken.Times.Twenty--An.All-Or-Nothing.Kamehame-Ha.mkv (836.1 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E042.Awaken,Legendary.Warrior--Goku.the.Super.Saiyan.mkv (483.1 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E043.The.Angry.Super.Saiyan--Goku.Throws.Down.the.Gauntlet.mkv (512.9 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E044.Avenge.the.Fallen,Goku--Countdown.to.the.Planet's.Destruction.mkv (473.8 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E045.Full-Power.Freeza--Shenron,Grant.Our.Wish.mkv (672.7 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E046.Duel.on.a.Vanishing.Planet--The.Final.Showdown.mkv (788.5 MiB)
    • Dragon.Ball.Kai.Recut.E047.Goku.Vanishes.Into.Space--Welcome.Home,Super.Warriors.mkv (528.6 MiB)

Comments - 6

Awesome!! I was wondering if we'd see you again after the demise of Kametsu. Loved DBR. Question: how much gets cut from Kai? I'm guessing like a minute or two per episode on average.
Interesting. Can't wait to see if you'll Recut the Androids & Cell story.

WhereIsTheMilkman (uploader)

@zman - Glad you liked DBR! I actually went to update my post on Kametsu to find that it was gone and the site has changed! But I'm glad you were able to find it anyway. As for how much gets cut from Kai, you're right in that it usually averaged about a minute or two per episode, but there were many episodes toward the beginning that hardly needed to be changed at all. That number started to increase significantly toward the latter half of the Namek/Freeza arc, though. I added a note in the description, but the total amount of footage cut from these episodes came to 1 hour, 58 minutes and 12 seconds. @John_Rhogan78 - I will/already have for the most part. Just need to put the finishing touches on them.
Wow, thanks. I am currently watching the Dragon Ball Recut. It's brilliant. Really had to thank you for that. So I planned to watch DB Z Kai next when you suddenly dropped this amazing thing here. I don't want to put you under pressure, but how long do you think it will take to complete it? I you are also planning to make a DBZ Classic Recut I am not so sure anymore what version to keep xD. Damn, thats some good quality stuff.
Holy shit thank you for keeping the Yamamoto score. I sincerely hope you also plan on keeping Yamamoto music in all the Android and Cell arc episodes that still had them (I believe Episode 95 of original JP Kai TV run was the last one with Yamamoto). Downloading this immediately.
Nice, Amazing Dude!